Continuous Certification Exam Process & Requirements

The Continuous Certification Examination is required in year 9 OR 10 of the 10-year certification cycle.

  • Online registration and instructions are available in December. An email notification is sent.
  • Registration must be finalized on the Board's website in January.  
  • Email reminders are sent as applicable to diplomates prior to deadline dates.


Beginning in April 2019, the Continuous Certification Examination will move to an Internet-Based testing format, rather than a Computer-Based Test which traditionally involved traveling to a testing center. The Exam can be taken on any computer with internet connection and is no longer limited to one day with a four hour window.

The Exam can be accessed at any point throughout the administration period April 1-30 and diplomates can exit and re-enter as many times as necessary to complete the Exam. The Exam must be completed by April 30 – no exceptions.

The Continuous Certification Exam will now incorporate relevant content for each question into the exam. After answering a question, the diplomate will be directed to the supporting rationale. After reading the rationale, the diplomate will be offered an additional opportunity to answer the question if incorrectly answered on the first attempt. Scoring for the exam is based on the final response. This change dramatically reduces the amount of study time required ahead of testing.



2021 Continuous Certification Exam Announcement Letter


The AMA awards 60 CME credits for successful completion of the Continuous Certification program. Additional information can be found on the AMA EdHub website,

On the AMA website, look for "Direct credit" - requires login, click on "create account." Membership in AMA not required.


  • Locate a copier that will scan the document as a PDF file. Many copiers, scanners and fax machines have this capability. Save the PDF’s to your desktop so you can browse and upload from there.
  • Scan a letter or picture of a document (jpeg format) and copy to a Word document. Save the Word document as a PDF file. Be sure to select PDF as your file type.
  • Scan a letter or picture of a document (jpeg format) and upload it to or a similar service. At minimal or no cost, they will convert the document to a PDF file.
  • Those who receive faxes as digital fax images can print to PDF if Adobe Acrobat is available.
  • As a last resort, go to an Office Supply store with the paper documents and for a nominal fee, they can provide the individual documents as a PDF file to you on a CD or flash drive that you can use to upload to the Board’s website.