Online Application submission requirements:  

  • Finalized application with online credit card payment 
  • All State/Province medical license(s) that indicate a valid expiration date
  • Hand Surgery Fellowship Certificate (not applicable for Recertification)
  • All certificates or currently-dated documentation verifying the accreditation of all non-hospital surgical facilities.
    • List all outpatient facilities. Certificates are not required for hospital-based surgical centers accredited by the Joint Commission but the facility must be identified on the application.
  • Valid photo ID (driver’s license or current passport)

For Initial Certification in Hand Surgery only:

  • Finalized Case List  – hard copy not required
  • Completed online Reply Form with credit card payment
  • Appointment/Reappointment letters verifying hospital privileges in plastic surgery/hand surgery at each hospital
  • Photocopy of all medical licenses indicating the expiration date. License must be unrestricted for admissibility to the Hand Examination.
  • Photocopy of all current accreditation certificates or documentation from all non-hospital outpatient surgical facilities at which you operate(e.g. AAAASF, State or Medicare Accreditation)*

The Hand Surgery Recertification Examination may be used in lieu of the MOC-PS® Modular Examination to renew primary certification and to continue in the MOC-PS® Program.  

Diplomates must complete both application processes, with the option of taking only the Hand Examination.  Both primary plastic surgery and hand certification will be renewed with successful completion of the Hand Recertification Examination.

  • The Hand Recertification Examination must be completed within the current 10 year MOC Cycle.
  • Applications are required for both the primary (MOC-PS®) and HSE processes. 
  • Case Lists are not required for either renewal process.
  • Expiration of the primary plastic surgery certificate automatically causes expiration of the Hand subspecialty certificate.




2018 HSE CLINICAL CASE LOG MANUAL (Applicable to Initial Certification Candidates Only)