Online Application submission requirements:  

  • Finalized application with online credit card payment 
  • All State/Province medical license(s) that indicate a valid expiration date
  • Hand Surgery Fellowship Certificate 
  • All certificates or currently-dated documentation verifying the accreditation of all non-hospital surgical facilities.
    • List all outpatient facilities. Certificates are not required for hospital-based surgical centers accredited by the Joint Commission but the facility must be identified on the application.
  • Valid photo ID (driver’s license or current passport)
  • Finalized Case List  – hard copy not required
  • Completed online Reply Form with credit card payment
  • Appointment/Reappointment letters verifying hospital privileges in plastic surgery/hand surgery at each hospital
  • Photocopy of all medical licenses indicating the expiration date. License must be unrestricted for admissibility to the Hand Examination.
  • Photocopy of all current accreditation certificates or documentation from all non-hospital outpatient surgical facilities at which you operate(e.g. AAAASF, State or Medicare Accreditation)*




2019 HSE Application Cover Letter