MOC Activities Process & Requirements

The MOC Activities are required in years 3, 6, and 9 of the 10-year certification cycle

  • Instructions are posted on the Board's website in January.
  • MOC Activities must be finalized by December 1st.  
  • E-mail reminders are sent to applicable diplomates throughout the year.


  • Select one tracer procedure
  • Enter data from 10 consecutive patient charts (dated within the last 3 years)
  • Review Benchmarking Report
  • Complete a MOC educational activity aligned with the tracer procedure
  • Complete the Action Plan for Improvement


  • If NOT selected for audit: answer questions, upload CME documentation only.
  • If SELECTED for audit: answer questions, upload all supporting documentation.
  • Finalize the Professional Standing Update.


  • ABMS Starmark Logo also available to download for use on letterhead, website, etc.

 StarMark Full Logo





*If a diplomate is participating in a Multi-Specialty Portfolio Project, approved by the ABMS, then this requirement may already be satisfied. Diplomates who successfully complete an approved Portfolio Program quality improvement effort will now receive credit for satisfying Part IV Practice Assessment Module.  

Check the list of approved sponsors and contact the Board Office at for assistance.



Steps to MOC Success

Preview MOC CME aligned with Tracers

2017 MOC Activities Cover Letter

2017 MOC Activities Booklet