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For research rotations during training, the Board will allow a total of 12 weeks of research during a six-year program and allow a total of 6 weeks of research during a three-year program. These research weeks can be considered as a part of the required 48 weeks of training per training year.

All training requirements must be completed for a 48-week full time residency training year.


The Board approved that faculty supervised resident experiences for international surgical rotations may be considered part of the 48 weeks of full time clinical residency training.

Non-approved international experiences must be included in allotted vacation time and are not considered part of the required 48 weeks of full time clinical training.


The Board considers a residency in plastic surgery to be a full-time endeavor and looks with disfavor upon any other arrangement.

  • The minimum acceptable residency year, for both prerequisite and requisite training, must include at least 48 weeks of full-time training experience per year.
  • The 48 weeks per year may be averaged over the length of the training program to accommodate extended leaves of absence.
  • To accommodate extended leaves of absence near the end of training, the Board will accept 94 weeks of training averaged over the final two years of training in both the Integrated and Independent training pathways.

The Board does not define the remaining four weeks per year and therefore those weeks may be used for vacation, meeting attendance or medical leave as determined by the local institution and/or program.

Plastic Surgery Program Directors must contact the Board in writing, for approval of any leave of absence that extends beyond 4 weeks per year and the additional 2 weeks in the final two years of training. Written requests must include details on the total leave of absence expected and the program’s plan to make up the deficit.



2016-2017 Booklet of Information