Examination & Program Fees

Resident Registration/ Evaluation of Training Fee


Application Registration Fee



Application Registration Late Fee


Written Examination Fee



Written Examination Late Fee


Written Examination Withdrawal Fee

(>30 days prior to exam)




Written Examination Score Validation Fee



Oral Examination Case List Review Fee



Oral Examination Case List Late Fee



Oral Examination Fee



Oral Examination Late Fee



Oral Examination Withdrawal Fee

(>30 days prior to exam)



Missing/Incomplete Items Fee



Administrative Fee


Continuous Certification Annual Fee


Continuous Certification Annual Fee - Late Fee


Annual Contribution – Lifetime Certificate Holders



Written and Oral Examination

Reapplication Fee




Written and Oral Examination

Extended Admissibility Application Fee



Credentials Review Fee



Ethics Review Fee



Certificate Fee



Verification of Status Fee



Hospital Waiver Request under Special Circumstances Policy


Regain Certification Fee


Photocopying or Processing Fee




Repeat Examination Fee


Exam Fees Above

Informal Appeal Fee



Formal Appeal Fee



Credit Cards accepted for most fees via the Board’s website.

All other fees must be submitted in U.S. currency by check or money order.

International currencies, including Canadian, cannot be accepted.


Fees are subject to change by the Board.

Most fees are non-refundable.


The fee schedule is applicable to current examinations and will apply regardless of when a candidate is approved for admission to the examination process.


The Board is a nonprofit organization, IRS 401(c)(6), and the fees of candidates are used solely for defraying the actual expenses of the Board. ABPS does not engage in lobbying activities.

The Directors of the Board serve without remuneration.