Resident Registration & Evaluation of Training (required)

Click here to access the Registration link.

  • All fields must match to be provided immediate access to the Resident Registration and Evaluation of Training Form. If the Registration process matches, you will be directed to the form within your ABPS profile.   
  • If any fields do not match or if you do not yet have an ABPS profile, upon registering, you will receive a “pop-up” message indicating that the data entered is not on file. The Board Office will send you an email in 1-2 business days requesting you to confirm the request and verify the data entered. Once this information is validated, you will be provided access to the form.

Please refer to the Instruction Letter.


  • Residents in Independent plastic surgery residency training programs must submit prior to entering plastic surgery residency
  • Residents in Integrated plastic surgery residency training programs must submit during the first year of plastic surgery residency
  • This form must be completed and finalized no later than the year prior to graduating from plastic surgery residency
  • Residents requesting a transfer to an Integrated plastic surgery program are also required to complete this form and receive ABPS approval


List all training both completed and anticipated. 

  • Independent residents:  List entire prerequisite training (completed and anticipated) by PGY level. List month-to-month rotations for entire training sequence. 
  • Integrated residents:  List all 6 years by PSY year, and list only the first 3 years of month-to-month rotations.
  • Request Program Director or Residency Coordinator to provide your surgical rotation schedule for anticipated training.
  • Electronic payment for the Processing Fee. Refer to the Booklet of Information for all Board fees which can be found on the Board’s website. The Processing Fee is non-refundable. 
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for the processing and emailing of your ABPS Confirmation Letter. 
  • Carefully review the Instruction Letter before completing/finalizing the form. Incomplete forms will delay processing time.


The most common errors are:

  • Omitting anticipated training in general surgery and plastic surgery
  • Incorrectly listing all training on one line rather than listing each PGY level on a separate line
  • Omitting anticipated rotations


  • After finalizing the form, your training and documents will be reviewed and if your training is approved, the Board will email the ABPS Confirmation Letter.
  • The ABPS Confirmation Letter is a preliminary verification of training to meet the Board’s requirements for certification. 
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to provide the Plastic Surgery Program Director or Residency Coordinator with a copy of the ABPS Confirmation Letter.
  • A Final Confirmation Letter is issued at the completion of prerequisite training for Independent Plastic Surgery residents.



The Board encourages residents to keep a copy of their ABPS Confirmation Letter for their records.