Overview of Oral Exam

Candidate's must successfully pass the Written Examination and submit a nine-month case list for admissibility to the Oral Examination.

The Board reviews each candidate's operative list to ensure it reflects sufficient diversity, complexity and volume of plastic surgery procedures to permit construction of a reasonable examination of the candidate for certification.

If the case list is adequate, the Board selects five cases from the candidate’s case list and the candidate is required to prepare five case reports for these selected cases.

The Oral Examination is typically held each November in Phoenix, AZ. Candidates are examined over two days during three exam sessions.

Examiners of the Board are formally trained and evaluated by past and current Directors of the Board.


The Oral Examination is administered over two and one half days. A detailed schedule is included with the Registration Form in July. Candidates are required to be present for each day of the examination at the times listed. Late arrival may result in denial of admission to the examination.

The Board recommends utilization of the reserved room block at the examination hotel.

The examination consists of one Case Report Session and two Theory and Practice Sessions. Each session is 45 minutes in duration.


The Board makes every effort to assign candidates to examiners whose knowledge of the candidate's background would not bias their evaluation of the candidate’s performance. Candidates have the opportunity to identify any examiner conflicts with the Registration Form and during onsite registration and must notify the Board Staff immediately of such.

Conflicts may include an examiner who played a role in the candidate's training, is a friend or relative, is a professional associate, interviewed the candidate for a faculty position or has examined the candidate previously. Unless conflicts are identified in advance of the actual examination, the conduct and grades of that session cannot be contested based on prior contact or knowledge.



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For 2023 Oral Examination:

2022-2023 Booklet of Information - Oral Exam Section

2022-2023 Booklet of Information