Examination Content

I. Basic Science
  A. Anatomy
  B. Mechanics
  C. Biology/Physiology/Healing
  D. Pathology/Tumors
  E. Diagnosis

II. Bone and Joint
  A. Fractures/Dislocations (including non-union/malunion)
  B. Arthritis
  C. Contractures
  D. Wrist Instability
  E. Osteonecrosis

III. Nerve – Muscle – Tendon
  A. Peripheral Nerve
  B. Central
  C. Brachial Plexus
  D. Muscle – Tendon

IV. Wound Management
  A. Physical Agents
  B. Coverage
  C. Nailbed/Fingertip
  D. Amputations

V. Vascular
  A. Injury and Repair
  B. Reconstruction
  C. Ischemia
  D. Malformations
  E. Replantation
  F. Lymphedema

VI. Rehabilitation
  A. Prosthetics
  B. Orthotics
  C. Physical Modalities/Therapy

VII. Miscellaneous
  A. Congenital Anomalies
  B. Infection
  C. Dystrophy/Pain
  D. Ethics and Professionalism
  E. Anesthetics



The Computer Based Test will consist of the following format:

  • Total testing time is approximately 4 hours
  • 15 minute optional tutorial
  • 175 multiple-choice questions formatted in four blocks of approximately 44 questions
  • Blocks of 60 minute time intervals
  • 15 minute optional break