Reapplication and Extended Admissibility

  • Candidates must successfully complete both the Written and Oral Examinations required to achieve certification in no more than 8 years after completion of plastic surgery residency training. 


  • If the candidate has not successfully completed the Written or Oral Examination 5 years after plastic surgery residency training, an approved reapplication is required for continued admissibility to the examination process up to the 8-year limit required to achieve certification.


This process is not yet available online. Hard copies must be mailed to the Board Office. Read the Reapplication Material Cover Letter carefully.



Reapplication Material Cover Letter

Reapplication to the Written or Oral Examinations

Reapplication Material Sample Hospital Privilege Letter

Reapplication Material Sample Outpatient Accreditation

Reapplication Peer Review Form

Reapplication Malpractice Claims Form


The Extended Admissibility Application is required if certification is not achieved within 8 years after successful completion of plastic surgery residency training. Refer to the Admissibility policy.


You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software program available at the Adobe Web site.

The PDF file may be used two ways. It can be printed and filled in, signed and emailed/mailed to ABPS. Or, if you prefer, you can open the form in the Adobe Acrobat Reader and click on any of the form’s blank fields. The Acrobat Reader will let you fill out the form prior to printing. The completed form can then be signed and emailed/mailed to ABPS.

We strongly suggest that you download the form and save it to your computer before using it.

Important Note: The Acrobat Reader does not provide a simple way to save your changes as you fill out the form. We suggest that you fill in and print one page at a time.