Written Exam Process & Requirements

  • Finalized Application form with credit card payment - Refer to Fee Schedule
  • ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)
  • RCPSC Certificate (if applicable)
  • ABMS Board certificate or letter of admissibility (if applicable) or letter from prerequisite training Program Director
  • Admissibility letter or certificate, if completed training in oral and maxillofacial surgery 


Upon receipt, review and approval of all required Application Materials, including the preliminary recommendation from the Program Director by December 31st of the senior year, residents will be emailed instructions to review the Announcement Letter and complete the online Registration Form.


  • Finalized Registration Form with credit card payment
  • Valid, full and unrestricted state medical license indicating an expiration date (not required for senior residents)
  • Currently-dated, within the last three months, appointment/reappointment letters verifying plastic surgery privileges from each hospital (not required for senior residents)
  • Current accreditation certificates or documentation from all non-hospital outpatient surgical facilities (if applicable)
  • Current driver’s license or valid passport


Upon review and approval of the Registration Form material, a Scheduling Permit will be provided by March. Once the Scheduling Permit is available, candidates should contact Prometric, Inc. at www.prometric.com as soon as possible in order to schedule a test center appointment.