Oral Exam Process & Requirements

Candidate's must successfully pass the Written Examination and submit a 9-month case list for admissibility to the Oral Examination. 

  • Case collection period July 1st to March 31st
  • Minimum of 50 major operative cases required to finalize case list in April. Minor cases should be entered but will not count towards meeting the 50 case minimum.
  • Case collection must be of sufficient quality, complexity and variety to allow for an adequate case report examination.
  • Operative consent is required
  • Patient photographic consent is required. Candidates are required to submit patient photographs for the 7 selected cases for the Case Report Session.
    • Patient consent forms should include the following:



  • Start taking patient photographs on every case starting July 1st.
  • Have the Board’s patient consent for use of photographs and records signed starting July 1st.
  • In February or March - alert medical records that a notarized affidavit will be required after a review of your case list. (Affidavit prints as last page of case list(s) on clinical case log once finalized)
  • It is strongly recommended that candidates thoroughly review all requirements for case list compilation and case report preparation before beginning the case collection process.


  • One original case list plus the 2-3 page Statistical Summary Report, all properly assembled, with signed and notarized affidavits. See the Booklet of Information, Oral Examination section for assembly and submission requirements.
  • Credit Card Payment
  • One photocopy of all required advertising/marketing materials from the past 12 months from the deadline (i.e. April 2020 – April 2021). 
  • Verification of hospital privileges in plastic surgery from one medical staff office dated 2021 or including start and end privilege dates throughout the case collection and examination period. Hospital privileges must correspond to the start of clinical surgical practice with an expiration date of plastic surgery privileges listed. Verification from all hospitals will be required with the registration form.


After case lists are approved, the Registration Form with notification of 7 selected cases will be available in July.


  • Registration Form with credit card payment
  • All medical licenses showing an expiration date valid at the time of the examination
  • All hospital appointment/reappointment letters verifying active inpatient admitting privileges in plastic surgery
  • Certificates or currently dated letters from accrediting organization documenting accreditation of ALL non-hospital surgical facilities (if applicable)
  • Letters of explanation for questions on the online Reply Form (if applicable)



Fee Schedule


For 2021 Oral Examination:

2020-2021 Booklet of Information - Oral Exam Section

2020-2021 Booklet of Information